Building Owners

Building owners have the longest relationship with individual buildings from building conception to either the sale of the property or decommissioning and demolition at the end of the building life. Cost calculations such as risk analyses and return on investment calculations are performed as part of feasibility studies and shape the construction budget. When the building is handed over to the building users, the building owners carry the costs for maintenance schedules and overall operating costs. Cost considerations shape the quality and building type. Moisture safety is critical for maintaining the projected building lifespan.

Owner Surveys

We invite building owners and facility managers to participate in our online survey so that we can customize our research to meet your needs. All survey participants’ data is used confidentially. The online questionnaires are available in the CIB W040 member languages.

Coordinated Theses

Graduate and Post-Graduate students specializing in moisture safety in buildings relating to building costs, facility management, and building automation are invited to contact the coordinating university to conduct their thesis within the framework of CIB W040.

Question Papers

Follow the link for the open call for question papers relating to costs, building operation and moisture safety.