Builders & Manufacturers

Construction companies, building product manufacturers and prefabricated building manufacturers physically realize our built environment. The quality of detailing and ability to achieve moisture-safe construction is dependent upon a combination of different factors such as the level of on-site supervision, the skill-level of the construction workers, project schedule intensity, and on-site weather conditions. Errors and oversights during construction can be carried over into the operational phase of the building. Hence, it is very important to plan and execute moisture-safe design during the construction phase.


We invite the construction and manufacturing community to participate in our online survey so that we can customize our research to meet your needs. All survey participants’ data is used confidentially. The online questionnaires are available in the CIB W040 member languages.


Post-secondary and university students from construction management, engineering and related fields are invited to contact their coordinating university and higher educational institution to conduct their thesis relating to moisture safety within the framework of CIB W040.

question papers

Follow the link for the open call for question papers relating to construction issues and moisture safety.