Architects & Engineers

Architects together with teams of specialty consulting engineers design the built environment. The  design details selected during the design process determine the building quality for the life of the building. Due to the linear process, the impact of design decisions is often not delivered back to the original design team, and poor design detailing can be carried over from project to project resulting in higher costs and missed targets. By considering moisture-safety during design, goals of healthy indoor climates, longevity of building services and building envelopes, and energy consumption can be reached and surpassed.

A & E Surveys

We invite the design community to participate in our online survey so that we can customize our research to meet your needs. All survey participants’ data is used confidentially. The online questionnaires for architects and engineers are available in the CIB W040 member languages.

A & E Theses

Graduate and Post-Graduate students from architecture and engineering faculties are invited to contact the coordinating university to conduct their thesis within the framework of CIB W040. 

Question Papers

Follow the link for the open call for question papers relating to design issues and moisture safety.