CIB W040 Research Roadmap


To increase moisture safety in buildings so that,

  1. Every refurbishment for buildings built from 2020 will increase moisture safety.
  2. All new buildings will be safe from moisture problems.

Moisture problems in buildings can lead to health problems by occupants (sick building syndrome), higher energy consumption by building services, deterioration of the building envelope, and building system failures shortening the overall life of the building. 


The purpose of this research roadmap is to determine the research questions for improving building resilience and to manage the risk of building failure through improved moisture safety. CIB W040 is an international Working Commission of the International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction (CIB), whose members focus on researching the efforts of heat, air and moisture transfer in buildings. Five stakeholder groups are being consulted to include their needs in future research to improve moisture safety in buildings: 

  1. policy makers
  2. building owners,
  3. architects and consulting engineers,
  4. builders and contractors, and
  5. researchers.

The international exchange between researchers in the Working Commission has been very fruitful for developing building physics internationally. This project expands the exchange of ideas to include the five stakeholder groups. The resulting research roadmap aims to provide strategic moisture-safe solutions for buildings for all stakeholder groups at an international level. 


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